The basic materials applied to top and sole of footwear

Goat leather - chromic tanning leather made of goatskin.
Chevrette - chromic tanning leather made of sheepskin.
Suede - oiled tanning leather made of deerskin or sheepskin.
Calf leather - a leather, made of calfskin.
Sheep leather - leather made of sheepskin
Nubuck – prepared by roughening the surface of leather – almost always the outside of leather. It has a nap of short protein fibers and is quite resistant to stains and wear.
Nappa - especially thin varnished leather of the raised elasticity made of cattle skin.

Soling materials

Fiber-reinforced cellular rubber - soling rubber with hardness, thickness and elasticity similar to leather.
Elastomer - high-molecular weight compound having the elastic properties of natural rubber.
Polyurethane - light and elastic synthetic material.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - elastic, cellular, light material, basically is applied in summer footwear.
Shoe rubber - melastic material formed as a result of vulcanization of natural rubber. Can be cellular and nonporous.

How to define the size of footwear

In the CIS countries as number of footwear consider the size of foot, measured in millimeters. Our system of the sizes has a number of favourable differences in comparison with others: first, it corresponds to international standard of ISO 3355-77, secondly, it is metric system and using the system it it is easy to define number of footwear.

If you are unsure what foot or shoe size you are you can take measurement prior to purchasing a pair of footwear. It’s best to measure your feet in the afternoon or early evening, after you’ve been walking on them for a few hours, because the expend throughout the day. Place both feet (in socks) on the paper and using a pencil, trace the outlines of your feet. Measure the distance from the heel to big toe. If your feet are different sizes, it is recommended that you purchase the size that accommodates the longer and wider of your feet.

The chart of conformity of metric size system with stichmab size system