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8 MARCH GIVEAWAY IN INSTAGRAM @salamander.moldova!

We are glad to congratulate the sweet girls with the coming March 8!

From March 1 to 7, become a participant in giveaway and win one of three pairs of sneakers from Bugatti collection.

It's very simple, but it's so nice and fun!

Participation rules:
- Subscribe or already be subscribed to @salamander.moldova
- Place a competitive photo (with the help of a repost or a screenshot) in your profile.
- Mention the competitive tag #cadou_salamandermd and the account-organizer @salamander.moldova under the photo.

🏼️ Do not forget to open your profile at the time of giveaway.

On March 8 at 12.00 we randomly select three winners who will receive one of three pairs of Bugatti sneakers.

The raffle will be produced on an independent site giveaways.ru

Good luck to all!


Up to 70% absolutely for all Autumn-Winter collection of shoes and accessories!

We wait for you in our stores in Chisinau and Balt!



New Year discounts have already begun in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe stores!

DISCOUNTS up to 50% on the entire collection of shoes and accessories!

Make happy yourself and your loved ones with Christmas gifts!



We have great news!

The new Salamander shoe store has opened at 65 Stefan cel Mare Blvd.

New collection of shoes and accessories Autumn-Winter 2017/18 did not leave any visitor indifferent, and the updated design project made the process of choosing an ideal pair of shoes even more comfortable and pleasant.







We are happy to inform you about the opening of a new Salamander store to the address Stefan cel Mare Blvd., 65!

In honor of the opening of the store we will gladden you with discounts of up to 40% for the all collection of Autumn-Winter 2017.

Discounts are valid in all Salamander shoe stores from 12 to 18 October.

Celebrate the opening with us!



AUTUMN-WINTER 2017/2018 shoe collection has been already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS stores.

FINAL SALE up to 70% of Spring-Summer 2017 collection continues!



Meet New Collection for Fall-Winter 2016/17 season!

New arrivals are already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe stores.

The novelties of Fall-Winter collection will come soon also on our web site.
Watch updatings!



Spring – Summer 2016 shoe collection has been already in SALAMANDER retail chain.

THE BEST SALES IN THE CITY – UP TO 70% - of Autumn-Winter collection continues!


Discounts up to 70% absolutely for all Spring-Summer collection of shoes and accessories!

We wait for you in our stores in Chisinau and Balt!



Seasonal reduction of prices has begun in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe retail chain.

Discounts for Autumn-Winter collection of shoeswear and accessories up to 50%.
Buy gifts to yourselves and loved ones with the pleasure!



Meet New Collection for Fall-Winter 2015/16 season!

New arrivals are already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe stores.

The novelties of Fall-Winter collection will come soon also on our web site.
Watch updatings!



Spring – Summer 2015 shoe collection has been already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe retail chain. Hurry to make your choice!



Meet New Collection for Fall-Winter 2014/15 season!

New arrivals are already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe stores.

The novelties of Fall-Winter collection will come soon also on our web site.
Watch updatings!



Spring – Summer 2014 shoe collection has been already in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe retail chain.
Hurry to make your choice!



Meet New Collection for Fall-Winter!

New arrivals is already in Salamander shoe stores.

The novelties of Fall-Winter collection will come soon also on our web site. Watch updatings!



In SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS retail shoe chain Spring-Summer shoe collection 2013 starts to arrive. Among the first there are popular European trade marks SALAMANDER, ARA, CAPRICE and TAMARIS.

The photos of a new collection will appear and on our site in the nearest future. Watch updatings.


In SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoes retail chain there are discounts from 50 to 70% absolutely for all Fall-Winter collection!

We wait for you in our stores in Chisinau and Balt!


SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe retail chain wishes all customers a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and gives the opportunity to purchase shoes and accessories at a discount up to 50%.



New arrivals of Fall-Winter’12/13 collection of shoes and accessories in all SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS stores.

The novelties of Fall-Winter collection will come soon also on our web site. Watch updatings!


Even classical court shoes are simply obliged to have "highlight" this fall. Heels of unusual form are the real hit of fall and winter, footwear with such interesting detail can be combined practically with any clothing. Metal details in the very different type found in new shoe collections: more often it is decorative inserts on heels and buckles. The trend of the combination of color blocks is reflected in the combined models. Uncommon shoes must become the card of each woman, because the coming winter promises to be rich in the holiday events.


The cold season is impossible to imagine without the appropriate footwear - of course, we are talking about ankle and high leg boots. This season in the stores it is represented a number of interesting models that any woman would be easy to look like a fashion show participant. This autumn boots with high heels and platforms have become the most relevant. The higher the heel and the more original is its form, the better. The combination of different materials or colors is another striking trend of this fall. If in the summer in fashion there was a combination of bright, almost neon colours, then with beginning cold weather their rights entered gray, dark-blue, brown, bordeaux, green and black colours.


The shoeswear stylized under military is one of the most noticeable trends of Fall-Winter 2012-2013. The emphasis is on the lacing. The type of such shoeswear became less aggressive: metal details are found in the collection less often, often they aren't at all, a sole is not such massive and relief as some seasons ago, and the rough leather practically isn't used. A small number of decorative details makes models in military style democratic, even the most conservative woman can wear the shoes.


Pointed-toe shoes is a classics which is popular, on the same basis as fashion novelties. Classical forms and the thin lines of cut emphasize femininity and give special mood to the whole look. Toe can be more or less elongated, slightly cut, and sometimes slightly raised up. Shoe models can be made in a democratic black and bright colours that will make the image more vivid and attractive.


The bright neon colorus, popular in the summer, in autumn give their place to more restrained range. One of the most popular colorus will be red-brown. The popularity of this nuance of brown is explained by its universality: it not only completely substitutes black colour, it is combined practically with any color range, but also looks much more feminine. Inhabitants of the cities more often choose between gloomy, dark nuances and warm red-brown.


For city walks, travel and informal meetings it is impossible to think up shoeswear more suitable, than soft comfortable flat shoes, wedges or low heels. Models with heels and wedges are both comfortable and feminine. Fur is another common trend of practically all fashionable collections of season. It is used as decoration, as well as the basic material for the manufacture of footwear.


In the coming autumn both in man's, and in female collections there is a bright detail – rubberized inserts on each side of shoes. Besides functional loading, rubberized details bear also decorative function. Female models in the style of Beatles are on the heel, the wedge heel and flat shoes, you can wear them with any clothing. Man's models with rubberized details are better combined with clothes in casual style. For example, with jeans and a simple sweater.


Classic style embodies elegance and has a perfect cut and the highest quality. This trend is topical in men's shoes of a new season. The toe part of the simple strict form, small heel, noble materials and sombre colours – this is the man footwear, made in the classical style. As the fasteners lace, zippers and buckles are used. Sometimes accessories are only for decoration and have no functional load.


Men's shoes in casual style in this season is characterized by the brightness: colour palette is not limited to black and brown colours, in the collection there are green and blue. The extremely fashionable lacing didn't pass also men's shoes. This functional detail will surely please to men. The casual footwear with fur finishing and without it allows her owner to feel comfortably.


All types of winter lining materials for footwear.
All lining materials are divided into:
• Natural
• Artificial

Natural fur–hair of mammals, i.e. natural material made from components of nature.
Artificial material is material made from natural components by means of physical action, i.e. artificial doesn’t mean synthetic! Faux fur is a manufactured article composed of carrying base (grounding ) and material with nap ( , imitating the hair of natural fur. Being highly economical and technological, it has considerable thermal insulation properties, hygienic and other operating qualities. It is produced on textile or cloth base (grounding) from chemical or natural (woolen) fiber.


What is faux fur “Natural wool”? It’s a kind of material where nap is attached to the grounding (by means of different techniques – for instance, in textile method the nap in knitted into the grounding. Mind that no glue is used). Natural woolen fibres are used as hairs. That is natural animal wool is weaved into the grounding from natural fibre, but the material is produced by physical modification, that is why it is called artificial. The thickness of “natural wool” material with nap height is 7-8 mm.


The outer appearance of faux fur “Natural Fur” is practically the same as natural, the main difference being in the base (grounding). Natural material grounding is tanned animal skin while faux fur has natural wool - cloth or textile from natural fibers. As you understand, there is little difference in material properties. Thermal insulation properties of such faux fur (wool) are not at all inferior to entirely natural. With an exception that due to a textile base this material "cools down" faster, that is you are not hot in such footwear inside the building.
The density of fibers (hairs), elasticity and hygroscopicity do not differ from the density of natural fur. Wool contains animal wax, which has antibacterial properties. Hairs in faux wool are distributed more evenly in height and density, ensuring a comfortable fit. It also doesn’t have defects (for example, small holes from bites) and is more homogeneously colored. Due to aligned qualities such faux fur (wool) is more resistant to abrasion, color effects (does not fade).


Faux fur "Ninel" - also consists of the support base (grounding) and nap covering which simulates fur hair. Composition of nap covering: 30% wool, 70% polyester. Material thickness with the height of nap is 7-8 mm.


Since faux fur nap is created by man, the qualitaty of some of its properties can be varied by using different kinds of fibers (we can mix several types of fibers), type of treatment, method of attaching the nap.
Let’s look at faux fur of the type called "fish" and "thick fish". Natural “breathing” base plus the finest natural nap are fastened into a soft and gentle fur. Such fur is perfectly fitting, nice to feel, doesn’t roll, and keeps warm. It is ideal for motorists to wear in spring / autumn and winter. Such footwear is often worn without socks / stockings (on "bare" foot).
Composition of nap cover: 100% Terylene. The thickness of the material with nap height is 3 and 4 mm.


One more variety of faux fur we have used for shoe lining is a kind of fur called "Cheburashka". "Cheburashka" is natural-based nap fixed and formed of a number of small "lumps". This type of fastening provides thermal insulation and high level of hygroscopicity. Due to natural textile base, this material is quickly "cooled" inside the building. Homogeneous distribution of fibers in the base provides resistance to wrinkling.
Composition of nap cover: 35% Acrylic + 65% Polyester. Material thickness with nap height is 5-6 mm.



Spring - Summer 2012 collection of shoes and accesories are available now in SALAMANDER and SALAMANDER KIDS shoe retail chain!



The autumn begins with pleasant news!

In SALAMANDER retail shoe chain autumn-winter shoe collection 2011/2012 starts to arrive. Among the first there are German trade marks BUFFALO, BELMONDO, CAPRICE and LLOYD.

The photos of a new collection will appear and on our site in the nearest future. Watch updatings.



SALAMANDER shoe retail chain had an addition – on April 16 Salamander KIDS shoe store was opened in the shopping center SUN CITY.

In the store is represented a wide range of kids shoes from Italy and Spain for all ages - from the little-ones, who only make their first steps, to the teenagers.

Salamander KIDS shoe store is located on the first floor of SUN CITY shopping center (32, Puskin St.). You can also buy the kids shoes you like in SALAMANDER store, located on the second floor of Shopping MallDova (21, Arborilor St.).

The photos of kids shoes new collection soon will appear on our web site.
Watch for updates.



Spring – Summer 2011 shoe collection has been already in SALAMANDER shoe retail chain.
Hurry to make your choice!


New collection – Autumn - Winter 2010/11

Since the first autumn days deliveries of Autumn-Winter collection 2010/11 have begun in SALAMANDER shoe retail chain.

In a new collection there are the models of man and woman footwear of the most diverse fashions, styles and colors. Shoes and ankle boots on the platform, half boots and boots from a gentle skin and soft suede, boots on the heel and without for women, classical men's shoes and moccasins, boots and sport shoes. All models are united by high quality of materials, elegant forms and tremendous comfort

The new collection foresees all your shoe desires! Everything you like, waits for you in the wide variety in SALAMANDER shoe stores!

The photos of shoe new collection soon will appear also on our web site. Watch for updates.


New opening! SALAMANDER on Buiucani!

New SALAMANDER shoe store has been opened on the 24th of April on Buiucani district, address: 49/2, I.Creanga St. (in the building of “MAXIMUM” store).
From 24 April to 2 May only in new store You can purchase shoes and assessories with the discount of -10%.
We wish you pleasant purchases in our new SALAMANDER shoe store!



Since the beginning of March Spring-Summer collection 2010 has been in the SALAMANDER shoe retail chain.

The trade marks from Germany are among the first arrivals - BELMONDO, TAMARIS and CAPRICE.

The collections of German brands will be evaluated on the merits by ladies in the status of “business woman”, and also by those, who put convenience above all, but not in the prejudice of the femininity and the elegance. These are casual shoes, which relates to the average price segment; however, its exterior view and the comfort are considerably higher than price.

Among the novelties of Spring-Summer collection there is a premiere, it is new trade mark from Spain – SINELA, shoes for women, who love fashion and design, bright colours, daring lines…

The Spanish brand SINELAwas created by designer Jeronimo Jimenez in 2000. After 30 years in shoe-making business this talented designer decided to produce his own brand. So SINELASINELA woman shoe brand was born, and for 9 years it already captivated not only the pages of glossy magazines, but also hearts of buyers from different countries – Italy, USA, Japan, Germany, France and Russia. Now SINELA shoes are in Moldova, and in Spring 2010 we are glad to present to our clients new line – more youth and trend - Si by Sinela.


NEW COLLECTION – Autumn – Winter 09/10

Long-expected arrivals of new collection in our stores!

German trade marks BELMONDO, TAMARIS and CAPRICE has gone on sale the first.

BELMONDO (Germany)

BELMONDO women casual shoes for Fall/Winter 2009/10 are characterised by modern shapes and heels: court shoes, peep-toe casual shoes, high-front casual shoes and boots with low and high heels made of leather and elegant suede. The dominant colours are elegant natural shades ranging from cognac to brown to fashionable taupe, shades of greige and dark violet and black.
BELMONDO men shoes are fashionable and elegant classical leather shoes and boots of all autumnal browns, the classic black.

CAPRICE и TAMARIS trade marks are included into “WORTMANN” corporation – group of the largest enterprises in Europe on manufacture and sale of footwear of a fashionable segment.

CAPRICE (Germany)

CAPRICE (Germany) innovative shoes differs an optimum combination of High Fashion and Wellness, perfection of sole, insole and upper, high quality of materials and manufacture. CAPRICE shoes are focused on the consumer first of all appreciating comfort. The maximum comfort of shoes is reached by modern manufacturing technologies with use of the automated designing. The footwear is available in half sizes that allows to choose the necessary size ideally precisely. The products of CAPRICE company differs three main technologies which are applied at manufacture of each pair of shoes.

“Walking on air”
    A combination of special lining materials and an insole with up to 300 hemispherical deepenings along with a system of perforations including drying-chambers guarantees an excellent isolation against the cold and rising temperatures, a quickly drying after wearing and a 60% reduction of pressure to the foot while walking.

    The Anti-Shokk heel, which contains pneumatic chambers and stabilizers inside, reducing the pressure to the spine and all the joints as well while walking.

«Super Flexible»

    A flexibility achieved due to the use of “Strago-Technology” and a special construction of sole, insole and upper that work together and contribute to a unique feeling of lightness.

TAMARIS (Germany)

TAMARIS - under this trade mark the stylish and fashionable female footwear is manufactured. The collection amazes through its modernity and freshness. Moreover, it excels through its big range and its versatility - from low shoes to long shafted boots. A highlight of the collection are the different new bootleg heights, like in the "Shoeties" and the "Overknees". The collection is made of natural leather and soft suede leather. The main colours are warm berry shades, white, black, nut antic, cognac and mocca. The key element of this TAMARIS collection is comfort, light and flexible sole. Almost each pair of TAMARIS shoes is equpped with with the European patent-registered ANTIshokk-heel-technology.


SUPER PRICE – from 449 lei!

In SALAMANDER shoe store, which is located in Shopping MallDova , promotion “SUPER PRICE” has started. Now You can buy some models of Autumn-Winter collection at the rather pleasant prices – from 449 lei .


New collection spring-summer 2009!

We are glad to inform you that new collections of CARNABY and CHESTER footwear are already available in our stores!

The range of woman Spring-Summer collections is varied as always: sandals from patient leather, Mary Jane shoes, shoes on cork platform, ballerinas and sandals. All the models of the collections are united by high quality of natural materials. The colour scale, besides classical black and white colours, includes base palette of this spring and summer: natural beige, cream and straw colours. For men – favourite classics, sport models, sandals and slippers from leather and suede. Colour scale is black, brown, beige and white.



Today, SALAMANDER footwear retail chain has celebrated the opening of its new store.
In the new store the collection of female and man’s shoes for Autumn-Winter is fully presented.
Our store is located on the 2-nd floor at Shopping MallDova commercial center to the address: Chisinau, Viaduc, 21, Arborilor St.
We invite you to visit our store and wish you pleasant purchases!



We are pleased to inform you that the first part of female shoeswear collection of Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 is already at SALAMANDER stores.
The season opening is presented by new trade marks BELMONDO (Germany) and BALTARINI (Spain), and also by RAS (Spain) shoes already known to our buyers.

The new BELMONDO Women Shoes collection is amazingly versatile – pumps, ankle boots, riding boots and overknees, chunky heels and stilettos, rounded and pointed toes. The main focus is on ankle boots and Mary Janes and key details are gathered finishes, piping and buttons. Materials are just as varied: soft calfskin, mock-croc, patent leather and a fabric and leather “mix and match”. The colour palette is based on non-colours, such as black and grey, accentuated by cognac and cream. Technical high gloss finishes and metallics guarantee that the coming Autumn /Winter season 2008/09 will be truly glamorous.

The collection of BALTARINI (Spain) female shoes also offers varied shoes – from pumps and ankle boots to riding boots, made of soft leather or suede leather and mixed leather, decorated with fabric, leather ribbons or buckles. The highlight of new collection BALTARININ is elegant evening pumps from soft suede of various colours with incrustation by SWAROVSKI crystals and with certificate confirming their authenticity.

For Autumn-Winter 2008/09 season, the exclusive and unique RAS (Spain) collection is now on display - as modern and innovative as ever. Numerous ballerinas, shoes from smooth or metallised leather, decorated with ribbons or crystals, ankle boots and leg boots with round or square toes and mirror effect silver or gold heels, made in soft nappas or brilliant patents. White or black rubber platforms designed for boots, ankle boots and shoe boots made in padded or waterproof materials, so you can cope with those rainy days, while staying chic and comfortable at all times. Bikers boots and ankle boots in dark aged leather, combined with studs, precious stones or buckles to fill you with power and load you up with adrenalin. And the star and new addition for the season: the return of the wool jackard, reminiscent of the Nordic countries.

Welcome to SALAMANDER shoes stores!



The inscription “Made in Spain” – on the recognition from European fashion professionals – is the promising trend in the world of shoe fashion. Today precisely Spain determines new directions in the footwear industry.

Since Spring-Summer’08 season the manufacturers from Spain has been presented in SALAMANDER retail chain by three trade marks - RAS, CAMPER and KTW.

The RAS Spring-Summer’08 collection offers bright and very cheerful shoes – various ballerinas, shoes and sandals on platform, classical Pyrenean espadrilles with the insets from the velveteen or of contrast colours, and sandals in Capri style with beadwork. Sensual Denmark satin, applied in production of the shoes and the sandals, is the main discovery of the season. Romantic series “Happy Birthday” decorated with strasses is the highlight of the collection.

CAMPER – the shoe manufacturing company № 1 in Spain - already almost one-and-a-half century puts in its shoes Mediterranean spirit, adapting it to the urban comfortable style, endowing with simplicity, creativity and humor. Those who got tired from the traditional sports footwear will like CAMPER very much. The footwear ideally fits to the foot, and is always very light, and the sole of the most number of models is made from the material, which does not accumulate electric charges.

The designers of KTW trade mark offer simple and, at the same time, exquisite solutions for Spring-Summer season. You can feel fresh ideas and natural motives in the models from jute, satin and Denmark satin fabric, geometric patterns will revive in memory motives of the fiftieth. A wide range of KTW ballerinas will become the most attractive for those who like summer games or other summer holiday.



The SALAMANDER multibranded retail chain has opened a new season from CARNABY, CHESTER, TJ Collection and ASH collections. In the woman’s collection there are presented various styles – from high heels models to ballerinas, moccasins and sandals on any taste. The man's collection is also marked by variety of styles – young, comfortably casual and classical model shoes.

As always fashion designers of the Italian trade mark ASH have distinguished themselves by originality. The collection of this season is devoted to walks on Cannes quay Croisette. The diverse materials are used in the collection: soft suede, atlas, metalized, perforated and patent leather – all these are supplemented with high heels and platform shoes. The main colours of the collection are nut, claret, red, white, black, the accents are made by means of bronze and gold nuances.



One more SALAMANDER store, already the 4th, has been opened.
The Spring-Summer’08 collection of footwear and accessories is presented to your attention.
We invite you to visit our new store which is located in the address: 22, Pushkin Str.
The store is opened every day from 10.00 to 20.00 hours, on Sunday – from 10.00 to 16.00.
We wish you pleasant purchases!

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